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121 Landscape Workshops

121 landscape photography workshops are perfect for those that have a specific set of requirements and would benefit from targeted assistance in their image making. Workshops can be arranged to suit your particular needs, we'll work together to plan a landscape photography shoot on location around Teesside, North Yorkshire or the Yorkshire Dales, looking at specific techniques that you wish to improve upon. 

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A 121 landscape photography workshop is a great way to develop your skills, practise new techniques and enjoy time in the great outdoors with as much assistance as you require. We'll plan a location according to the time of year, weather conditions and your preferred style. Using my local knowledge, our time will be productive and informative. 

121 sessions are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced, as sessions are tailored to your needs. Is there a specific subject, location or style that you would like to try? A 121 session can provide you with the focused assistance that you need. 

The day generally begins with a pick up at your home address before heading to a chosen location for a sunrise shoot. We'll spend around 5 hours out shooting, which is plenty of time to capture a variety of scenes using differing settings and techniques. Filters and tripods are available for you to use if you require them. Depending on the time of year, it may be better to start later in the day, ending our session with a sunset shoot. All of these details will be planned prior to the workshop. 

During the session I will be able to offer advice and guidance on subjects such as composition, camera settings, equipment, shooting technique, filtering, live view and focusing along with any other issues that you may have encountered. We'll work together at a pace that feels comfortable. My experience of working with hundreds of amateur photographers and many models of camera, along with my easy going approach, will play a vital role in maximising your success. After our shoot, i'll give constructive feedback on your images.

If you would like to chat in further detail about a 121 landscape workshop please contact me directly on 07848106628 or email contact@michaelcartwrightphotography.co.uk 


Michael has a unique ability to take complicated subject matter and deliver it in a simple, passionate and infectious manner. He has taken me on a journey with his workshops from ‘extreme novice’ that was absolutely clueless to a confident enthusiast. I will be eternally grateful for all of Michael’s efforts in going the extra mile throughout my learning journey. He is a credit to his profession and he sets the standards for the rest of his industry to follow. Oh, and he is a thoroughly likeable chap too!

Stephen Smith

Great weekend away and I’m really pleased with my photographs! Thanks for a fantastic workshop, everything was first class, including the hotel, the food and the weather! I really enjoyed learning about different ways to compose my photos for a more professional feel. The workshop was well planned and was extremely informative and interesting. The fact that Michael kept a close eye on everybody's progress was an extra bonus. Thanks Michael

Uma Mannan

Both myself and my husband have been friends of Michael's for many years now during which time we have been on numerous photography trips with him! 

We have thoroughly enjoyed every single trip from the Lake District, Paris, Budapest but my absolute favourite was the trip to Finland, we may not have been lucky enough to see the Northern Lights but what a fantastic adventure it turned out to be!! Each trip has been made extra special with the fabulous group of people that we have had the pleasure of making friends with, aside from that there is of course the excellent opportunity to take some amazing photographs of simply stunning scenery and architecture. The trips are always well organised and thoroughly thought through from beginning to end, as well as coming away with some truly amazing photos you will for sure meet some lovely people and make fantastic memories......

Jayne Stephenson

I  attended my first camera course as a complete beginner, I didn’t even know how to turn the camera on! The initial course was perfect for me, very well explained throughout and left me wanting to know more. Michael and the team are brilliant teachers, they are all very patient and we have a lot of laughs along the way. Since learning how to use my camera I have progressed on to landscape workshops and now class myself as being very confident with my kit. I’ve joined Michael on many occassions and would definitely recommend these workshops! 

John Conlin

I thoroughly enjoyed my first photography holiday to Budapest.  It was a beautiful city with plenty of opportunities to take fabulous photos.  Having Michael and Scott on hand to help you create that perfect photo and to give you advice was so valuable. It was a great group of people and a fantastic experience. Thank you!

Kathryn Barnes

I had a great time in London with plenty of opportunities to photograph architecture and try my hand at street photography. The London skyline after dark is something special.  Michael is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and readily on hand to give assistance and feedback throughout the trip.  

Debbie Stogden