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Adam and Kelly - Crathorne Hall

August 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

 I loved shooting for Adam and Kelly at Crathorne Hall earlier this Summer. Crathorne Hall is a wonderful venue, made even better when the sun is shining and the champagne is flowing! Kelly and Adam's wedding day had a level of class that suited this grand venue perfectly. From the stunning Ferrari that Adam arrived in, to the stylish attire, beautiful flowers and gorgeous decorations, Kelly and Adam's celebrations oozed with sophisticated elegance. 

The atmosphere throughout the day was second to none, with family and friends completely wrapped up in the wedding day and enjoying every single moment. Magician Andy Larmouth proved to be a huge hit, entertaining the guests with his brilliant tricks and sorcery! I've worked with Andy on plenty of occasions and am still blown away by his work. It was also a pleasure to work with the guys from Strike A Pose wedding films, who were busy recording events on their video cameras (I've since seen the highlights clip and it's ace)! 

One the most enjoyable parts of the day for me was our portrait session. We used the breeze to capture images of Kelly's veil by opening two windows directly opposite each other inside Crathorne Hall and made time to explore the beautiful grounds of the venue, looking for new angles of a highly popular venue. 

The pressure was on for me at this wedding, as Adam's Mum has been at the top end of the wedding industry for many years, operating a successful Bridal Boutique. Miranda knows the wedding industry inside out so i was overjoyed when she asked me if I was available to shoot for Kelly and Adam. 

I'm really pleased with the completed set of photographs from this wedding. Everything came together perfectly for Kelly and Adam and I hope to of given them a high quality collection of memories that will be looked back on with fond memories for many years to come. 


Congratulations Mr and Mrs Holland xx  

Leah and Alex - Whinstone View

August 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Back in June, I had the pleasure of shooting the gorgeous wedding of Leah and Alex on a beautiful Summers day. 

Leah and her bridesmaids spent the morning at Whinstone View, excitedly preparing for the day ahead. I love to shoot around the beautiful lodges at Whinstone View, as the rustic  shabby chic styling always looks great in photographs. 

Leah made her way over to St Mary's Church, Nunthorpe where her husband to be, Alex, awaited by the altar. St Mary's is another Church that I shoot at regularly, and its a firm favourite of mine. The interior is light and spacious (as far as Churches go) and the hilltop setting affords wonderful views across the North Yorkshire countryside. It's a brilliant place to say "I do."

Bright Summer Sunlight can often be an issue for photographers, but we were able to use it to our advantage by embracing the bright, contrasting light, particularly as it shone through the Church windows after the service. The harsh light gave us an opportunity to create a range of photographs over the course of the day, notably so during the speeches, which were side lit through the glass doors of Wray's Barn. 

Leah and Alex did an amazing job of decorating the barn with a beautiful woodland theme that they created themselves (very talented indeed)! You could see the huge effort that had gone into every little detail and it really did give a sense of this being a truly unique day, crafted to perfection. 

This wedding was everything that you could possibly wish for, perfect weather, a great atmosphere, unique, personalised styling and a great set of guests enjoying themselves. 

From my perspective, it was a welcome challenge to work in the warm, harsh light, a challenge that I fully embraced and enjoyed! I'm very happy with the results.... and Leah tell's me she is too "Michael oh my god these are gorgeous!!!! You really are amazing!!...."

Congratulations! xx


Luke and Kate - Amante Beach Ibiza

July 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last month I found myself back in Ibiza for the wedding of Luke and Kate. 

I'd photographed Luke's Brothers wedding a couple of years ago at Middleton Lodge, and was absolutely thrilled when Luke booked me to shoot his upcoming wedding at Amante Beach. 

Ibiza is our favourite place to holiday as a family so I took this as an opportunity, not only to shoot at one the most prestigious locations in the world, but to enjoy some family time in the days after the wedding. We booked 10 nights a few miles up the coast from Amante Beach at a hotel we know well in Es Cana.  

Shooting in Ibiza wasn't unfamiliar territory for me. Only a couple of years back I captured a wonderful day at Ca's Mila, Cala Tarida for Lucy and Kyle and i've worked abroad on many occasions with our photography courses business. Still, it doesn't matter how prepared you are or how many times you've done it, I was nervously excited as soon as we landed in Ibiza, a feeling that would only intensify on the day of the wedding. For our first couple of days in Es Cana, relaxing was definitely not an option (although I did try)! 

I've driven in Ibiza before too, so hiring a car wasn't a problem and I rented a little Micra for a few days. The day before the wedding, I had a test run over to Amante Beach to meet with Natalia, the wedding co-ordinator, who was fantastic.  We introduced ourselves and chatted about timings for the wedding day, with Natalia giving me the heads up on what to expect at an Amante wedding.

Afterwards, I headed over to Agua's De Ibiza where Luke, Kate and their families were staying. It's a beautiful 5 star resort in Santa Eulalia and a popular hotel with celebrities. I'd only been there for two minutes when former Manchester United and England captain Steve Bruce walked by! I met with Luke, Kate and their parents who were all massively excited for the forthcoming day.

So, I'd managed to get all of my kit over here in one piece, hired a little motor, figured out where I had to be and how to get there, met with all of the important people and basically prepared myself in as much detail as possible. All I had to do now was get a decent nights sleep and I'd be ready for a huge day..... 

The Wedding Day

30 degrees, blue skies, bright sunshine.... a typical Ibiza day and everything you would hope for when booking a wedding on foreign shores. At Aguas De Ibiza, the girls were in fine form, the day was finally here and you could feel the anticipation in the air. Luke had created a memory book as a surprise gift for Kate, which ensured that mascara would need to be reapplied due to the tears! And the tears would continue to flow as a very proud Father of the Bride, Michael, laid eyes on his beautiful daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. 

10minutes along the coast at Amante Beach, the sun was blazing down on the terrace as guests gathered to watch the ceremony with a party atmosphere brewing. Luke was in a very relaxed mood, managing to keep his cool in the strong Mediterranean heat......even with Kate being close to 30 minutes late! 

With guests frantically fanning themselves down and Luke constantly peering at his watch, Kate, her Bridesmaids, Page Boy and Father finally arrived for their big moment. You could sense the relief all around, mostly due to the fact that we were all melting in the sun! 

A concise and beautiful ceremony ensued, in a typical laid back style.... a perfect fit for the couple, the venue and the Island. A highlight of the ceremony happened when the Best Man managed to drop the rings just at the decisive moment, much to the delight of the laughing and heckling wedding party! 

Thankfully, with the rings in the safe hands of our priest (a cool English fellow who'd be on the island for over 20 years), the ceremony continued and Luke and Kate became man and wife to rapturous applause from an emotional congregation. 

The guys had a few moments to relax, catch their breaths, grab a drink and enjoy the moment before we headed to the beach for a handful of portraits. The brief from Luke and Kate was to keep it simple, nice and relaxed, not too stressful and plenty of natural photos..... exactly the way I love to work! 

A highlight of every wedding I attend is the speeches, it's always a great part of the day, not only for the photographs but for all of the wonderful stories I get to hear. Kate and Luke's speeches were brilliant. Heartfelt and humorous in equal measure, yet a little embarrassing for our Groom! 

In a break from tradition, food was served after the speeches and I was in for an absolute, and unexpected, treat. A beautiful three course meal was presented to me with the main event being the most beautiful fillet steak I've ever eaten (and I've had a few)! Usually I'll grab a sandwich from the bar or something, but Natalia told me that I'm at Amante Beach and I'm being looked after. I certainly wasn't going to argue. 

It's amazing how quickly the night seems to draw in on the White Isle and I hadn't even started my dessert when I noticed the colours in the sky beginning to change, my cue to grab the camera and head to the beach. As the light and the temperature dropped, the evening set in and the music became louder. Amante had illuminated the Sol Den Serra cliffs with "The Wilks Wedding 2017", giving a perfect backdrop for Luke and Kate to enjoy their first dance together. 

If you've read all of this I probably don't have to tell you that this wedding was absolutely epic. I loved every single minute and am so pleased to of had an opportunity to shoot at Amante. The full experience of shooting abroad is amazing and I really can't wait for the next one (Germany in August)!

But the top class venue, the sunshine, the fillet steak, the champagne, none of it really matters without the main ingredient.... wonderful people. Luke and Kate had everything you could possibly wish for in your wedding day, but moreover they are seriously blessed to have such brilliant families and friends right behind them. I know great families when I see them, because I see them all the time, every week at weddings all year round! 

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate "The Wilks" on a truly memorable occasion, and wish them a lifetime of happiness together. Your wedding day will certainly be a day that I, and many other people will never forget, not in a million years. 

Congratulations and thank you for an amazing experience xx

Are you getting married abroad in 2018/2019? Drop me a message to see if I can help, I'd love to hear from you! 

Venue - Amante - https://www.amanteibiza.com

Preparations - Aguas De Ibiza -http://www.aguasdeibiza.com




Laura and Daniel - Crab & Lobster

June 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Featured Wedding - Laura and Dan at The Crab and Lobster


Laura and Dan married on a beautiful Summer Bank Holiday weekend, with a ceremony at St Cuthberts Church, Marton, followed by a reception at The Crab and Lobster. 

The Crab and Lobster is a wonderful venue, and the weather was absolutely perfect, with guests enjoying relaxing drinks on the lawns in the sunshine. The venue proved to be a brilliant choice for Laura and Dan, who wanted a relaxed, fun filled day without feeling too formal. The "Al-Fresco" speeches on the terrace only helped to emphasise that this was certainly a laid back occasion . 

When the guests made their way inside, the suite looked amazing thanks to Laura's exceptional styling. It's a quirky venue with lots of decadent little touches, which Laura made the most out of in her choice of colours and textures. 

This was a day filled with candid moments, authentic emotions and plenty of laughter. I honestly don't think that Laura and Dan could of wished for anything more. I had a chance to spend 5 minutes with them just before the wedding breakfast was served and they we're totally wrapped up in the day, loving every moment! Those moments that you spend with couples who are literally having the best time of their lives are a privilege to be a part of. I'm lucky that I get to play a part in those memories for lots of lovely people. 

Congratulations Laura and Dan, you have a beautiful family and I wish you all the happiness in your future xx




Featured Wedding - Catherine and Matthew at The Crab and Lobster, May 2017

June 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Catherine and Matthew enjoyed a wonderful day of wedding celebrations back in May, with a ceremony at the very beautiful St Oswald's Church, Newton Under Roseberry followed by a reception at The Crab and Lobster, just outside of Thirsk. 

St Oswald's Church is a place I know really well, having worked there on countless occasions shooting many wonderful wedding ceremonies. The beautiful, rustic stonework offers a deeply romantic setting and Reverend Paul's services are always a big hit with the congregation.... full of surprises and certainly not your average wedding ceremony!! 

This was a day filled with laughter and emotion, especially during Matt's heartfelt and humorous speech, which ensured that there wasn't a dry eye in the house. 

We made full use of the grounds at The Crab and Lobster and with the Bluebells still in bloom we made the most out of the Spring season. With lots of children present at the wedding, I took the opportunity to explore the grounds while creating a set of portrait images, with the kids being excellent models!! 

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to capture the relaxed atmosphere of Catherine and Matts wedding and we wish them a wonderful future together..... 

Congratulations! xx